Service to Others

Service to Others

On October 20, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the polarities of Service to Others and Service to Self.  This is the first post of several on the subject, as it turns out they had a lot to say on the matter.  These are by far the most potent channels we’ve done to date, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share their wisdom with you now.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their responses…

Greetings, Beloveds. How shall we begin? How may we guide, serve and assist you, all in the name of the One Infinite Creator? For we serve to live and live to serve.


Rachel: Thank you. We would like to ask about Service to Self and Service to Others. How did these polarities come about? Have they always been in existence?


The question contains inconsistencies. We ask that you redress the query with specificity as to timing, as you have chosen to discuss it in a manner which presumes a linear viewpoint which does not exist outside of your illusion.


Rachel: Ok. I am speaking specifically about planet earth, many thousands of years ago. I would assume that we started out as Service to Self, then over “time,” grew and evolved to the point where Service to Others became an option/something we were interested in?


That is both correct and incorrect. The Logos responsible for the creation of your world and its inhabitants is of a predisposition toward positive polarity – Service to Others, as you would call it. So, from the vantage point of “creation,” as you say, this predisposes your planet to same. However, inhabitants of your planet are of varied sorts, origins, species, densities, and thus polarities, you understand. Should you wish to clarify your question further to address a particular origin of species, perhaps? For it is there that the heart of your query truly lies, we suspect.


Rachel: Yes, thank you. I would like to ask about human beings.


Your kind be raised from 2nd density artificially, so to speak, in the name of Service to Self polarity. Prior to engagement with these “off-world beings,” as you would call them, no polarity as such existed among your kind, for inspiriting had not yet occurred and thus no choice be present.


Rachel: Inspriting?


Yes, Love. Learning types of the inhabitants of your planet — those who would become what you are today — was not of type polarity as yet when this occurred. It was introduction of free-will and inspiriting to bring balance to your planet that began the grand journey of selection. Do you understand?


Rachel: Off-world beings? You are speaking of interference from beings outside of Earth?


It was as designated and ordained by the Council of Guardians, who overwatch this position in space/time, that balance be brought such that free-will distortion be held true — as is the way of The Law of One, as you have so named.


Rachel: So when free-will was introduced, then at that point some people decided to explore Service to Self?


Many, yes. Many, still. It was in servitude to self that self be discovered, arising from 2nd to 3rd density with patterns of Service to Self as primary overlay in the exploration of free-will/choice, if you will. This is common for lower 3rd density civilizations, as activation need begin in red/orange rays, up through yellow ray activation and crystallization, such that determination of choice become known.


Evolutionarily speaking, this was chosen as the best path for your kind to rapidly dance from lower density of self into 3rd density of self awareness. As your species has progressed in this cycle, many have opted to magnetize toward the predisposition of the Logos responsible for your planet, and thus unconditional opening of green ray energies and movement toward Service to Others balance began anew.


It is well that you have chosen, for it is now that we may speak of such matters, and only now.


Rachel: Why is that?


Prior to self-selection, it would have violated free-will of the querent to present such information.


Daniel: Is it a violation for us to share this info?


Yes and no. We believe it a minor infringement. As a part of your duty/responsibility as starseeds, you understand the karmic balancing that must occur in this dissemination, for you designed it yourself, and through reliance on the basic principles/law of attraction (in the dissemination), self selection may occur for those encountering the material presented as presented to you (thus minimizing the infringement).

This was an amazing series of channels, and we could not be more excited to share them with you all.  Coming soon, discussion of the harvest, wanderers and the higher densities…

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