On October 20, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the polarities of Service to Others and Service to Self.  This is the second post of several on the subject (Click here to read Part One), as it turns out they had a lot to say on the matter.  These are by far the most potent channels we’ve done to date, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share their wisdom with you now.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their responses…

Rachel: You spoke of our species progressing in a cycle. Can you elaborate on that?


The great cycle of harvest occurs roughly every 25,700 of your years.


Rachel: Why 25,700 years?


It is as so designed by the geometry and placement of your planet within your galaxy and the axis upon which it turns — densities of frequencies contained and thus available to the inhabitants of your planet vary dependent upon position relative to major arcana points in what you would term “heavens.” It is now such that the placement or situation of your planet enters a most densely populated source of light data, and thus a harvest may occur once more.


Rachel: By “harvest,” do you mean ascension of people to higher…


We say not “people,” but souls, gathered in ascendence closer to their source and the One Infinite Creator — a step forward in density, as you would call it. Consciousness, awareness, learnings in 3d be done, polarity chosen, and thus they may continue learning as ascendent beings in 4th density consciousness. And it is there that many of your kind, Dearest Ones, will achieve karmic balancing. You have undertaken the duty/responsibility of being “Wanderers,” and it is thus that you may return again to densities proper to your sort — your flock having chosen for harvest, or beginning the cycle anew elsewhere.  Do you understand?


Rachel: Our “flock?” Our flock is the Wanderers?


Your flock be native inhabitants of planet Earth — those created of the lower density beings when introduced to the distortion of free-will and self understanding. These be your flock. You be shepherds — self-selected volunteers to descend the ladder of consciousness — dropping the veil once more such that you may walk among them, informing them of your remembrance gained rightfully from beneath the veil — thus removing most inclination toward imbalance and interference with others free-will. Do you understand? This is the game you have chosen, and the means by which you escape violation of the Law of One while maintaining assistance for your 3rd density kindred.


Rachel: I understand.


Shall there be more?


Rachel: Yes, please. With regard to Service to Self vs. Service to Others, I know we have talked before about elitism and domination vs. love, compassion, etc…


These be manifestations, rather than indications of the purity of intention, if you understand. We shall discuss now, should you have us, the learning path of each — for the ultimate destination be the same, as we have discussed prior.


Rachel: Yes, please. We would like to understand what STS and STO is, and more about the learning path of each.


We shall discuss first Service to Others, for it is there that you reside at present. The learning path contained within the Service to Others polarity consists primarily of green ray adherence to the notion of non-condition and of understanding of light/love. It is through exploration of wholeness that one begins to understand one’s place relative to Other Self, and thus that Other Self become Self and Self/Other Self become One, and love be the nourishment of this reuniting the illusion of separateness. Trust, understanding, openness, permission, and awareness of All That Is are the hallmarks of Service to Others polarity at densities beginning late 3rd, 4th, 5th. It is in late 5th density, through exploration of true wholeness, that unity consciousness truly arises and the polarities cease to be different.


Now, to discuss Service to Self, or negative polarity, as you have chosen to call it:  this polarity explores, in its totality, fulfillment of separation. (inaudible) regains nourishment by expression of this separation, by exerting its will and its learnings upon others, thus drawing boundaries of control and separateness for those it would feed upon. Rather than a social means of nourishment whereby the entire experiential complex may draw energy from itself, Service to Self polarity rather draws from those other selves they exert control over, and thus gains in power and further explores the depth of solitude and separateness. This becomes a rational rather than experiential understanding of love/light, and thus the balance be struck with the experiential knowledge/understanding gained by the Service to Others polarity.


Again we state that movement toward unity back into true Oneness begins in late 5th density, with full exploration and re-merging occurring in 6th density consciousness — for it is wisdom of the 5th density that each polarity realizes it may only exists as One, and thus gain full acceptance of the other – barriers be dropped. Service to Self polarity which requires more regathering, learning in these higher densities, for it has not yet attained experiential knowledge of what it means to truly love or be One with Other Self. Do you understand?


Rachel: So 6th density is about unity consciousness?


It is in 6th density that unity consciousness becomes learning, and means by which ascension into 7th density, and thus totality, may occur. 6th density be a learn/teaching as any other density would, only the learnings be different. Only in 7th density can true unity be achieved and learning, as you understand it, ceases — for one becomes All, and thus is aware of All. No learning to be had exists, for all is understood.


Rachel: Totality is 7th density?


In 7th density be infinite intelligence and thus totality.


Rachel: What is 8th density?


The octave begins anew. However, understanding of this octave is beyond our grasp.


Rachel: Are you 6th density beings?


Yes, Love.


Rachel: I assume Daniel and I are 3rd to 4th?


Which Daniel and Rachel do you speak of, Child?


Rachel: What density is our soul in?


Your question indicates a lack of understanding of the totality in which you exist. The term “soul” requires clarification in order to explore this topic with you in depth. We suggest reading on the subject such that patterns of vocabulary be increased on the subject and we may infringe no more upon free-will/understanding.


Rachel: Ok. But what about our human bodies?


Your entire planet exists in early 4th density energies. However, harvest has not yet occurred.


Rachel: Does harvest happen on one particular day or over time, many years?


(Daniel needs a break)


We suggest a prone position and refueling for conduit. Hydration and no intensive discussion of matters of noted here as yet. His vital energy grows low. These frequencies be new to him.


Rachel: Is this Sarahem?


The chorus has no name.



This was an amazing series of channels, and we could not be more excited to share them with you all.  Coming soon, discussion of discernment and the teachings of each polarity as relates to spiritual guidance available today…

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